Our company

 Company "Avtomatik" specializes in wholesale and retail sale of spare parts for automatic transmissions (automatic transmission) for all brands of cars manufactured in the USA, Germany, France, Korea and Japan. In our warehouse in Kiev is always available a wide range of spare parts. We will save you time and collect a full order. We purchase parts directly from the manufacturers of America, Europe and Asia, thus provide the best value and guarantee qualified repair and high quality automatic transmission parts.  In stock supported range of spare parts for the repair of all automatic transmission America Production in Europe and Asia - all repair kits, filters, consumables, friction, steel supporting discs, solenoids, and the most popular parts for automatic transmissions including CVT, as well as certified synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral transmission oils we buy exclusively from the manufacturer. As well, new / used parts for automatic transmissions used by our specialists guarantee the long-term operation of the automatic transmission. Automatic transmission parts can be bought directly at our service or to order delivery to any region.  We pursue three main objectives: We provide our customers with the widest choice of high-quality spare parts for the repair of automatic transmissions and CVT cvt. Provide a complete Spector of services, including soputstvuschie products, and technical support services. To ensure the supply of spare parts in all regions of Ukraine.